Join us on an off-grid private jungle beach in Costa Rica! PSY: Permaculture Spiritualism Yoga is a 6-day intensive that will give you practical tools for building a spiritual life! This transformational journey will offer you a wide variety of spiritual techniques, while living in community, surrounded by Nature, eating farm fresh vegan meals, fully immersing yourself in this New Age lifestyle. Through yoga, you can refine your mind/body. Through Spirituality you can reshape your soul and its connection to the world. Through permaculture, you can redefine your connection to the Earth!  Unlock your magic and empower your true Self! 



PSY - Permaculture Shamanism Yoga, is a unique blend of spiritual practices, founded by Jahendo, as a way to access psychedelic states of awareness naturally through breath, movement, mindfulness and magick. We use the practice and philosophies of permaculture to create long-lasting, sustainable solutions within and all around, using the resources given by the Universe to their full potential. We use the practices of Spiritualism to use the elements and all the forces of Nature, to perform alchemy through ceremony and magick. PSY-Yoga is a diverse mixture of many different styles of yoga, specifically working with breathing excercises, meditation techniques and various complementary asanas to gain full access of mental powers, spiritual wisdom, and body awareness.

Recap Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAq3E3K1Sqo


Typical Daily Schedule:

6am-Morning Meditation

6:30a- Yoga

8am- Healthy Breakfast

9am - Permaculture Discussion/Activity

10am- Shamanic Discussion/Practice

11am- Yoga Discussion/Flow

Noon- Delicious Organic Lunch

1pm - Free Time

3pm - Tea Time with the Sages

4:30pm- Evening Activity (breathing exercises, vizualization, Shamanic Journey, etc..)

6pm- Super-charged Dinner

7pm- Satsang (fire ceremony, healing chant, song circle, angel walk, etc...)


  • community
  • embodied spirituality
  • deepen your practice
  • practical, experiential learning!

Living Conditions.


  • tent camping
  • hammocks
  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • communal kitchen access
  • communally cooked meals
  • over 80% locally sourced


  • medium: voice calls (no video)

Ongoing classes

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • breathwork
  • permaculture
  • plant medicine
    1-2 times per week

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Shared Glamping

Food included
Camping in Style

Huge Tents that you can stand up inside! Shared with oe other amazing human being or can be shared with a friend/partner. Furnished with a bed, pillow and sheets. Nestled in the jungle with a beautiful beach view! You can stand up inside the tent and set up an altar and have your sanctuary!

3 meals a day are prepared during the event by our onsite chef in our community kitchen. Excluding arrival and departure days where there will only be one meal provided.

More information can be found under Farm Info at http://www.fincamorpho.com/

Shared Cabin

Food included
This is for a shared cabin.
Beautiful bamboo cabin with a couple beds, covered and screened in, a hop, step and skip away from the beach!

Accommodations include a shared dormitory style bed, composting toilets, showers, as well as organic and local food.

3 meals a day are prepared during the event by our onsite chef in our community kitchen. Excluding arrival and departure days where there will only be one meal provided.

More information can be found under Farm Info at http://www.fincamorpho.com/
Free / Work-Trade

Chef Work Trade

Maximum capacity: 2 people
Food included
6 hours a day in the kitchen each day of the event
Free / Work-Trade

Media Worktrade

Minimum stay: 6 nightsMaximum capacity: 2 people
Food included
This worktrade option is in exchange for photos, recap video, and blog posts about the event.

Private Glamping

Food included
Camping in Style

enjoy this super spacious beautiful, shaded and waterproof tent. So big you can stand up in it, with plenty of room to set up an altar, meditate and make your private sanctuary. Furniished with a bed, pillow, sheets and small table.

3 healthy, delicious, and vegan meals included with accommodations. Also includes daily yoga, ceremonies and all workshops and classes during entire event

Private Cabin

Food included
Fully furnished private bamboo cabin. Completely shaded, waterproof and bug proof. Big comfy bed and a table/shelf for your items. Plenty of space for an altar and to make your own little sanctuary. perfect for alone time and some rustic luxury!

3 delicious, organic, vegan meals prepared daily and all yoga, ceremonies, and classes included in the price!

BYO Tent (camping)

Food included
This is a discounted option for those with their own camping gear. Bring a tent, and set it up anywhere in our beautiful farm. Camp right next to the beach, with plenty of shaded options!

Camping (we provide gear)

Food included
Utilize one of our nice camping tents and set it up wherever you want on the farm. Beach camping, or forest camping with plenty of shade. We will also provide a sleeping cushion and pillow :)

Getting here.

  • As you exit the airport there are bus that are the main street that go by. If you take the bus number 23 and get off next to the children's hospital you can then walk to the BLanco Lobo Station. but if you don't feel comfortable it is a 20$ taxi ride to the Blanco Lobo Station There are 2 buses that leave from the Blanco Lobo Station at the intersection of Calle 12 and Avenidas 7/9 in the Coca Cola District of San Jose. The first one leaves at 8am and the second leaves at 12pm and are around $15 dollars to Puerto Jimenez. We highly recommend using the bus system, which is a 8 hour trip that allows you to see a lot of the country. The bus will bring you to Puerto Jimenez and from here you can catch a taxi to the farm. Our address is 14km Sur de Bomba de Osa en la calla de Matapalo con puerton murado.
  • There are 2 small engine airlines that also take daily trips to Puerto Jimenez. Sansa and Nature Air are at the airport and from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez it is an hour long flight.
  • Driving Directions - When you are in Puerto Jimenez you follow you the only paved road till it ends and turn right at an intersection that has the Gas Station(Bomba de Osa) and a BM grocery store. From here we are 14km south on this road with a purple gate on your left and a sign that says Finca Morpho. Make sure to check your Odometer.
  • If you arrive and are unable to catch one of the two buses or a airplane, then there is a cheap hostel called Hotel Cala ( 506-2441-3219) very close to airport, where you can stay for the night and arrange for a taxi early in the morning before traffic hits.


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