Would you like to be more vibrant, resilient, and self-assured? Would you like to be less emotionally reactive and more centered? Would you like to improve the quality and depth of your relationships? Would you like to be less prone to addictions? If you've answered yes to any of these, this retreat may be for you.

You are invited to join us at beautiful Sierra Hot Springs in Northern California for this fully immersive, highly experiential deep-dive into positive transformation. The intention of this retreat is to increase self-awareness, and to improve the quality of your life by getting to the roots of trauma-related challenges. You'll also have the possibility of directly experiencing your natural, transcendent "Self" which exists beyond time and trauma.

While the techniques we'll be using are based on principles of Somatic Experiencing® and awareness practices, this retreat can benefit anyone interested in becoming a greater, more vibrant version of themselves. 


The processes we'll be using are based in part on the "Enlightenment Intensive" concept which was created by Charles and Ava Berner in the 1960's. In its original form, this was a very powerful meditative group process which often resulted in participants experiencing satoris (unexpected, sudden glimpses of enlightenment). The Trauma 2 Satori retreat takes this basic idea and updates it to include insights from neuroscience, attachment theory, Polyvagal Theory, and Somatic Experiencing®.

For millions of years our ancient ancestors were evolving by learning how to survive danger. According to Stephen Porges, creator of the Polyvagal Theory, the nervous system we inherit as humans came from these ancient animals as they first developed the ability to freeze in times of mortal danger, then later to flee or fight. While these instantaneous and mostly unconscious strategies are helpful or even life-saving in times of danger, they can become counter-productive if they continue after the danger has passed. Most recently in our evolutionary history was the development of social engagement, relationships, and community as survival strategies. We will be experiencing and re-examining all facets of this evolutionary history so that trauma can be moved into the past where it belongs, and our ability to form nourishing relationships can become a part of our repertoire for thriving and resilience in the present.

Additionally, from infancy our nervous systems formed in a relational context with our primary caregiver(s), and we instinctively learned to survive by following an attachment blueprint. During these first years of life, our ability to handle stress and adversity was shaped. As adults, it is possible to transform early shortcomings and heal trauma through processes which include attunement with empathic, non-stressed, non-depressed others. We'll be using very specific awareness techniques which elicit presence and help create the necessary conditions for positive transformation.


  • Unlock and reclaim energy wasted in unconscious survival responses.
  • Build greater capacity for handling chaotic and stressful situations.
  • Increase connection with self, others, and the world by practicing deep presence while communicating and listening.
  • Have the possibility of directly experiencing the natural "Self" which is vibrant and whole - and not subject to time or trauma.

Living Conditions.


  • shared rooms
  • private room

Vegetarian Food

  • restaurant on site


  • None: Off the grid

Ongoing classes

  • meditation
    multiple times a day


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